Residential Propane Solutions to Power Your Home

Evergreen Propane is a full-service propane provider offering propane tank installation and servicing, with the option to buy or lease an inground or above ground tank or cylinder.

With our large fleet of delivery trucks, we offer will-call, routed/keep full, or budget (fixed-rate pricing) service and pricing options as well as 24/7 emergency response.

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Propane Tank Installation

Evergreen Propane handles the installation of propane tanks of all sizes and types to meet your needs. Before installation, new piping or tank accessories might be required for your new propane system to work properly and meet current code requirements. When the installation is completed, your system we be given a thorough gas check to ensure there are no leaks and all gas appliances are working properly.

Underground Tank Installation

With the capacity to hold anywhere between 120 to 1,000 gallons, underground propane tanks can withstand harsher temperatures as it has ground protection, adds value to your property, and requires excavating for burying the tank.

Above-Ground Tank Installation

Ranging from 100 to 1,000-gallon capacity, above-ground propane tanks are easy to access when maintenance is needed and can be easily hidden by landscaping or fencing. Installation is typically quicker than underground tanks as there is no need to excavate.

Our Propane Tank Service Process

  • Call us at 478-551-2095 and an initial discovery will be gathered on the details of your property.
  • We’ll schedule a time to come to your property and survey the land around your home, determining the best, tank size and location for installation.
  • From there, our team will create a quote based on tank size, piping and parts required, and how many applications the tank will be used for.
  • We will assist you in filing any paperwork or accessing any local permits if they are needed for compliant installation.
  • A date will be scheduled for the most convenient time for our team to come out and install your propane tank system.
  • Once installed, we’ll walk you through the services we provided, taking you through the details of your system, best practices for operation, and safety precautions to be aware of.

In addition, we take care of all service and warranty-related tasks for a comprehensive solution for powering your home without breaking the bank or causing harsh environmental effects.

Propane Delivery & Service Plans

Routed/Keep Full

Based on your usage our computer system we automatically schedule your delivery so you do not run out of gas giving you peace of mind.


Will call customers call the Evergreen team to request a delivery. We recommend you call when your tank reaches 20%.  This gives us time to schedule your delivery so you don’t run out.


The most economical option, with our budget service plan, we automatically schedule your deliveries, estimate your annual usage and determine your annual cost. We then spread that cost over a 12-month period giving you a fixed monthly payment. With this plan you know what your monthly bill will be and you avoid surprises giving you peace of mind.

Expect to Feel Like Family

Our customers are our family. Our entire team – sales, delivery, installation, and service – is passionate about the work they do and enjoy getting to know you as they provide the propane services you need to power your home. Delivery drivers and our customers are on a first-name basis; we have a relationship that’s based on trust. The professionalism, expertise, and dependability shown by the Evergreen team falls in line with our pride of being a hometown business that people can count on.

Propane Safety Tips

If you smell gas:

  • Put out any open flame
  • Leave the area immediately
  • Only if it’s safe, turn off main gas supply at the tank
  • Call us at 478-551-2095 for emergency response
  • We’ll locate and fix the leak and check your entire system before deeming your home safe to enter again

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