Propane Gas Delivery for Industrial Customers

Evergreen Propane is experienced serving the industrial and materials handling industry, providing propane gas delivery services, tank maintenance, and tank storage to keep your productivity high.

Our team boasts years of experience and keeps the safety and well-being of our customers as the top priority.

Let Evergreen Propane handle powering your facility with our scheduled propane installation and deliveries, maintenance services, and secure on-site propane tank storage.

Industrial & Materials Handling Propane Applications

Warehouse Heaters

Using propane-powered warehouse heaters to maintain your facility’s temperature is flexible, cost-effective, and energy-efficient. Heaters come in multiple sizes and rates of pushing out heat. Whether you choose to use several smaller heaters or one large unit, propane operates with the highest BTUs, meaning you can burn less propane to heat the same space then you would gas or electricity. The Evergreen team will make sure your crew and inventory are kept at a comfortable and correct temperature.

Propane Forklifts

Propane forklifts utilize cylinders, making them easy to refuel by simply unscrewing the empty cylinder and replacing it with a new one – no downtime necessary. There’s also significantly less cleaning and maintenance required as propane burns cleaner. Propane costs less than gas and diesel, and has a longer shelf life that makes it even more cost-efficient to keep your propane forklift running. We also offer safety classes for your forklift operators that focus on safely handling and using our cylinders and how to avoid injuries.

How Evergreen Serves You

Propane Cylinders, Bulk Tanks, and Storage

No job is too big or too small. We are equipped with propane tanks of all sizes, and we provide propane cylinders and bulk tanks for equipment and applications requiring more power. We handle the job from start to finish; our team installs the propane tank best for your application and works with you to find the best, most convenient install location that doesn’t interfere with productivity. Our team will replace or refill your tanks, stored on-site for your convenience, and ensure your operations are not interrupted in the process.

We are trained on the regulations and code requirements for safe propane tank storage. Our installation team will ensure your propane tank cage is safely and securely built so refilling can only be done by someone on your team that has received proper training.

Convenient Delivery Options

Based on your usage rate, our delivery team will schedule your propane tank refills at routed monthly, weekly, or daily intervals to ensure you always have a reliable supply for your facility. For will-call delivery customers, you can call as you need refills; we’ll respond quickly and safely.

Ongoing Tank Servicing

Committed to our customers success, our service team will get to know you and your propane needs. In addition, we will ensure your propane-powered operations are working efficiently and safely by providing ongoing tank servicing and maintenance. We will inspect your propane tanks, dispensing parts like O-rings and valves, and storage code compliance each time we visit your facility, as well as remove damaged or malfunctioning tanks from your location.

Why Should I Utilize Propane to Power My Warehouse Operations?

Saving money is just one reason warehouse owners are making the switch to propane-powered industrial and materials handling operations. Boost your productivity and keep your crew comfortable; you’ll immediately notice the benefits.


Industrial and materials handling processes powered by propane result in lowering your bottom line and keeping costs under control. When compared to diesel or gasoline, propane provides more energy for cheaper so you can reduce your overhead and maximize profits.

Operating your facility solely on propane also mitigates the confusion and stress of having multiple suppliers, incoming deliveries, and invoices to deal with.

Fewer Emissions

Utilizing propane to fuel equipment like warehouse heaters or forklifts allows both indoor and outdoor use. Propane ensures your equipment runs cleanly for the health of your warehouse crew and environment. In addition, propane burns cooler than other fuel options, so your equipment requires less maintenance and can stay in operation for longer periods of time.

Dependable Power

Propane is the most reliable source of power. No matter what the season or weather brings, you’ll remain uninterrupted if an outage occurs that would otherwise effect productivity if utilizing the electric power grid or gas line.

Boosts Productivity

Unlike their electric counterpart, propane-powered forklifts do not take hours to recharge. It takes minutes to replace a forklift cylinder, and before you know it, your warehouse crew can get back to work. The US produces most propane, so there are never shortages when you need to keep going the most.

Does your company have a fleet of delivery trucks?

Save money on fuel and make the switch to propane autogas!