Propane Autogas: Efficiently Fuel Commercial Fleets

Vehicle fleet managers, schoolboard leaders, and delivery truck coordinators utilize propane Autogas as a clean, energy-efficient, and cost-effective fuel alternative to diesel or gasoline.

Ideal Vehicles for Autogas

  • Delivery trucks
  • Recreational vehicles
  • School buses
  • Street sweepers

How Evergreen Propane Serves You

Evergreen Propane Fleet Conversion

Evergreen Propane provides the equipment and propane tanks to complete the conversion of your vehicle fleet to run on propane Autogas.

Propane Refill Stations

For quick and easy propane refilling, each of our Middle Georgia locations are conveniently located just off I-75 and equipped with refilling stations for when you or your team is on the move. Refueling is easy; our refilling stations operate the same as a traditional gasoline dispenser and nozzle – there’s no need to learn a new process or install new systems for convenient refueling. Our goal is to keep your team on the road!

Call 478-551-2095 to learn more about converting to propane Autogas!

Why Should I Utilize Propane Autogas for My Vehicles?

Propane Autogas users enjoy cost-effective, clean burning fuel that keeps vehicles on the road and out of the shop. Save money, time, and resources by making the switch to propane Autogas – you’ll be glad you did!


Powering your vehicle with propane Autogas results in lowering your bottom line and keeping costs under control. When compared to diesel or gasoline, propane Autogas has the lowest total cost of operation. In addition, with an octane level of 106, propane Autogas run more efficiently while still maintaining a low cost.

Fewer Emissions

Compared with diesel or gasoline, propane produces fewer emissions while running. It’s an approved alternative fuel under the Clean Air Act of 1990 and puts less greenhouse gas emissions into the environment allowing you to meet the strictest emission regulations. Since it has a low carbon content, engine buildup is minimal resulting in a longer engine life.

Boosts Productivity

Diesel or gasoline-powered vehicles are going to spend time in the shop receiving needed services and repairs to maintain their emissions systems. With propane Autogas, there’s little downtime as Autogas runs clean and doesn’t require those systems.