GPGA Past President

GPGA Past President
Mark Dmokowski presenting President Tommy Busbee with the past president plaque at the Georgia Propane Convention

Tommy Busbee has been proud to serve this last year as President of the Georgia Propane Association, which is the main trade association for propane related companies throughout the state of Georgia. Founded in 1939 this great organization has the goal to promote education and safety for employees and customers of propane companies. The Association states that its purpose is “to maintain high standards of practice with the industry, and in so doing, protect and expand the ability of its members to compete in the marketplace.”

This past year the focus of the Association has been to bring propane education and research to the state level. A propane education and research foundation at the state level will provide more resources to fund rebate programs, advertising, safety and education. The GPGA believes that this will ensure that propane companies are equipped to provide the best service to their customers.

According to Tommy Busbee, “It has been a pleasure to serve alongside and lead such a bright and innovative group of individuals that truly care about the propane industry.”

Tommy says, “The future of the GPGA is in great hands. The GPGA is becoming better equipped to serve propane retailers, which will in turn promote better service to consumers. I am excited about the future of the GPGA and seeing plans proposed during my term as president come to fruition.”

It was an honor for Tommy Busbee to serve as the GPGA President in 2016. He represented Evergreen Propane and the propane industry for the entire state with integrity and diligence. Though Tommy’s term as GPGA president is completed, the association is continuing their work to ensure the state of Georgia’s propane industry is successful and thriving for both retailers and customers.