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William Fowler Retires from Evergreen

Evergreen Propane is proud to have been a part of the 47 years that William Fowler has been working in the propane industry. It has been an honor to work with William, and he will be greatly missed during his retirement.

William Fowler and Tommy Busbee, President of Evergreen Propane

William Fowler and Tommy Busbee, President of Evergreen Propane

For William, no matter where he worked or which company he worked for, his customers always came first. He believes that if you take care of your customers they will take care of you, and they have. This has been one of his core beliefs throughout his propane career.

William started working for Fred Greene at Greene’s Propane located in Allentown, Georgia in 1967 installing tanks and doing service work. In the early 1970’s he transferred to the Macon location and started driving a bobtail delivering propane. William has always remained loyal to his customers putting them first above all else, including his health, and they rewarded him by staying loyal as well. Very few drivers build relationships like William has with his customers.

Throughout the years William became a leader and a mentor for all the people that worked with him. He was always eager to teach his coworkers and share his vast knowledge and experience of propane whenever he could. William has always been well liked and respected by those of us who have been given the honor to work with him.

William_Fowler_Retirement_3_webWilliam has had an outstanding career in the propane industry. He has accumulated some impressive statistics through the years. Over the last 47 years William has made over 132,000 deliveries resulting in over 19 million gallons sold. William has operated more than 13 different bobtails to accomplish these numbers. One of these trucks, a 1985 International Loadstar without air conditioning or power steering, William purchased from Greene’s Propane and converted it into a farm truck that is still running today. With these trucks, William has traveled over 1,400,000 miles around middle Georgia. There probably isn’t a road, driveway, or “pig path” that he hasn’t driven down or at least driven by. To put it into perspective, it would be like going from New York to San Francisco 487 times.

William Fowler and Havis Busbee, co-workers for many years

William Fowler and Havis Busbee (Tommy’s father), co-workers for many years

Even more impressive is that these numbers have been achieved through significant health problems. For those of you who don’t know his history, William has had a long list of health issues. They first started early in his career when he had his foot crushed by a gas tank that he and another employee were installing in 1969. Since then he has had two heart attacks, three open heart surgeries, five heart stents, left and right shoulder surgery, left and right knee replacements, and a partial amputation of one thumb just to name a few. Any of these problems would have ended the career of most people but not William. The determination to always return to the bobtail can be traced back to his belief that if you take care of the customer, the customer will always take care of you.

William_Fowler_Retirement_1_webWe at Evergreen Propane were honored that William Fowler joined our team for the last two years of his career. He joined a known and experienced team that still had to prove they could actually start a new company in middle Georgia. There were many challenges but William Fowler gave us his very best in this new venture, like he has done his whole career, and for this we are grateful. Evergreen did succeed in establishing a presence in Georgia using the vision, the character, and the great customer-centered systems that we learned from William and many other amazing mentors in the propane industry. We are today the largest independently owned propane company in the state of Georgia, and for this we owe a huge thank you, first of all to our customers, and secondly to the amazing people we know and trust as our Evergreen family. We especially want to thank William Fowler for his help, his energy, his dedication and service in caring for our customers and their families at Evergreen Propane.