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A New Propane Company for Middle Georgia

Evergreen Propane located at 1002 West Main Street Forsyth, GA opened its doors on July 18th 2012. George & Christa Wilson of Wilson Propane made the decision to sell to Evergreen, a privately owned and operated propane company. Evergreen offers friendly, speedy service with competitive prices. Tommy Busbee the manager and one of the owners says, “We want to offer our local customers what the large Propane Companies can but with a more family like atmosphere and without all of the extra fees.”

The staff at Evergreen Propane has over 200 years combined experience in the propane industry.  The employees have all worked in the area and they know it well. They take safety and great quality customer service as their highest priorities.  They are excited for this new venture and ready to serve the Middle GA area.

2 Comments (Add Yours)

  1. We have started using Evergreen Propane,yes thy are friendly and gave us speedy service and at the best price I could find from local Companies.
    Dee and I had been with another company form Aug 2003. It was time to change, so we did. Your staff do give Fab customere service
    Thank you Evergreen the reduced price helped this 70 year old and he wife agane Thank you

  2. Anyone out there sick of the lousy service you are getting from your propane company? You are “in luck”. Run, don’t walk, to get on board with these people.
    Any small business owner knows it takes time to build a good reputation so for those of you who do not know these people, let me tell you, ” They are the best and you won’t find comparable service anywhere.”
    Just because the name is “new” doesn’t mean that they don’t already have “top notch” experience and reputation.
    Tommy and Havis Busbee have been taking care of my propane needs for over 10 years. I called them late one cold night on a week-end 10 years ago because my gas company would not bring me any gas, although I had a signed contract with them to keep my tank filled. Havis got out in the middle of the night and came 25 miles to bring me gas, even though he did not even know me. I immediately switched to the company he and Tommy worked for and I never had to call for gas again. Havis took care of everything and I never even had to check my tank. When that company was bought out a few months ago and Tommy and Havis left, the service left with them. There were problems immediately and I gave out of gas when I had over a $1,000.00 credit in my account with them. I called Havis and AGAIN, he brought me gas that night. I cancelled all service with the other company and (no surprise), they are in no hurry to refund all my money they are holding.
    Please! Take it from me and get on board with this company so we can all have excellent service when we need it. Thanks!
    Loyal customer, Irene Melton – Fort Valley GA